World Press Photo

What is World Press Photo?

World Press Photo is a photography contest where people take pictures of events around the world and submit them to the gallery. The pictures represent a tragic event that occurred around the world.

What stood out to you?

The several different tragic events, it really allowed me to open my eyes and realize how much other people can be going through. It also helps me to realize whats going on where.

Which was your favourite series/ photo and why?

My favourite series was of a mother and daughter who had acid poured on their faces by the father/husband. He threw acid at them because the mother had asked for a divorce since her husband kept beating her and locking her up. My favourite picture was this one –> This is my favourite because it shows how hurt they are and it put a lot of focus on the two people. I also love this photo because of the reason, the child is kissing the mother because everyone else is too uncomfortable to, it shows how looks don’t matter if you really care about the other person.

Would you reccomend others to attend World Press Photo?

Yes, i would highly recommend attending the World Press Photo contests because it really captures your attention with the different images. It lets you explore the world and its complications in one room. It makes us more aware of whats going on in the world basing off our own opinions and a picture and caption.


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