Movie Trailer Review

1. Explain the premise of your movie briefly (what it is about)

Our movie is about 2 people who date eachother for a long time but then the girl realizes the guy is a murderer and she can’t escape or tell anyone cause he’s going to kill her.

2. What scenes does your movie trailer show, and why did you choose to them?

Scenes we show are when they both are talking about how they’re together, his bloody hand, when she sneaks to his room and finds the bloody hand of someone else, girl talking to guy about the murder, guy choking girl and when the girl is tapped yelling for help.  

3. Why does your trailer make the audience want to watch the movie?

It’s suspenseful because the music in the background and the colours and also we leave a question behind like ‘how will she escape from him.’ Which will hook the viewers and make then wonder more.

4. What sound effects and music did you choose, and why.

We choose a mystery/thriller music that was slow but went along. We chose screaming to represent the true terror behind all this.

5. What do you like about your movie trailer?

I like how everything fits well together and it doesnt give a lot away. kind of like the back of a book when they tell us some things but not everything. I liked how the colours and sounds went along well and everything was clear to understand.

6. What challenges did you and your group members overcome?

Finding a place to video tape because we were so busy most the times and we originally had it planned to be in a house but we had to improvise and change the whole storyboard because it was shot at a school.

7. What changes would you make for the future?

Adding more blackouts in between to add darkness and more extra effects that would represent more of the thriller part of the movie.