Hola, My name is Maimuna [My-moo-na] People usually forget my name so for short you can call me Mai [My]

Also if your wondering why i chose the photo below it’s because it represents how much of a bookworm i am and how much i love mystery shows, movies, and books. This is a Sherlock Holmes collection, my favourite is The Hound of Baskerville.

I am Bengali-Canadian, I was born in Bangladesh but raised in Canada most my life. I have 3 older sisters, who are all married and i also have a 2 year old nephew! My favourite subjects are English, Art and Drama (although i dropped Drama.) I’m not a very sporty person but i love badminton. Most of my free time I’m listening to music and doing something else (reading, on tumblr, etc) Something people don’t usually expect is my taste in music, i listen to a little bit of everything but i mostly listen to Punk Rock, Alternative Rock and Indie Rock (Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Linkin Park, Nickelback, SWS, Avril lavigne, etc) Some of my favourite shows are Sherlock, Murdoch Mysteries, Switched at Birth and Avatar

I never took any actual lessons on art, although i was taught by my mom since i was little. I mostly enjoy just sketching objects, people or random designs. I prefer drawing rather than painting because I’m not the best at painting. The picture below is one of my doodles i did over summer, art usually helps my mind to relax which is one of the reasons i chose this course.  Another reason i chose this course is because I’ve never done any art using computer programs (except paint) or photography although my second sister is a graphic designer.


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